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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Posted by on October 30, 2012 . .

It’s no surprise that cigarettes and other tobacco products firmly assume a negative reputation among the majority of people. As they are presently designed, constructed, and distributed, cigarettes are an indisputable hazard to your health, and a hazard to the health of the people around you. The use of cigarettes notoriously contributes to a variation of illnesses, causes and complicates incurable disease, and often prompts unfortunate and untimely death. Being aware of such atrocities, many tobacco corporations and noteworthy manufacturers have dedicated countless man-hours to find an alternative method for smokers. This alternative method would ideally be safer to the public, yet uphold the splendor of the smoking experience. Today, manufactures believe they have developed a revolutionary smoking alternative: the electronic cigarette. Now that electronic cigarettes that gained mass popularity, people are asking the question:

Are E-cigarettes safe?

According to manufacturers, electronic cigarettes can contain several levels of nicotine. The promotion of nicotine causes some users and onlookers to question the integrity of electronic cigarette companies. Some groups are suspicious that electronic cigarette companies intend to use nicotine as an additive to guarantee that customers develop an addiction to alternative smoking products.

Consumers are entitled to apprehension, but now it seems that the public can indulge in an accessible, trustworthy product which redirects the goals of smokers and institutes the essential ethics of the industry.

Electronic cigarettes are relatively new to the marketplace, and have been legally approved for retail and public use. Admittedly, consumer interests are greatly dependent upon pertinent and reliable studies, yet the safety of electronic cigarettes has not been examined diagnostically; therefore, their degree of safety has not been absolutely determined one way or the other. There is one thing that does seem to be irrefutably true: Electronic cigarettes are infinitely safer than traditional cigarettes.

The health risks involved with smoking a traditional cigarette are well known. One of the various benefits to using an electronic version includes avoiding the consumption of the toxic chemicals typically found in traditional cigarettes. Rather than producing smoke, electronic cigarettes produce water vapor as a result of a heat induced mechanical exchange, helping to accurately simulate the smoking experience. This feature helps to eliminate the emission and intake of harmful chemicals produced by traditional methods. The risk of smoke-initiated illness, such as second-hand smoke, is greatly decreased for electronic cigarettes users, their family and friends. Additionally, the vapor produced by electronic cigarettes poses no threat to the environment. Electronic cigarette devices create absolutely no smoke, harmful chemicals, or other pollutants; therefore, they are infinitely safer than traditional cigarettes, harmless to the public, and environmentally friendly.


When traditional cigarette smokers make the switch to electronic cigarettes, they are relieved of the inevitable guilt or resentment that typically coincides with the acknowledgement of the risks of traditional cigarette smoking. An electronic cigarette user simply inhales nicotine at select levels with a small amount of tobacco flavoring: substantially fewer ingredients than traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarette users are not burdened by foul odors and tastes that result from cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarette users make the choice to exchange their hassling routines of ash, smoke, and extraneous spending, for cleaner, more manageable lifestyles. New users and continued users have expressed feelings of ease, satisfaction, and refreshment. There is an overwhelming improvement in the lives of smokers after they take the necessary steps to embark on a life-changing journey with an electronic cigarette.


The question regarding electronic cigarette safety may not have a definitive answer at this time, but it is absolutely certain that electronic cigarettes are a vastly safer “smoking” method than traditional cigarettes. While further studies are certainly necessary to confirm the safety of the product, it has already been made abundantly evident that users feel, look, and behave in a healthier manner while using an electronic cigarette. This evidence is incredibly encouraging for current users, and for those seeking a solid and reliable path to stop smoking.

Last update: October 22, 2013
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