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Deluxe Kit - Menthol Flavor

Deluxe Kit - Menthol Flavor
Brand: blaze
Product Code: deluxe_menthol
Reward Points: 40
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Price in reward points: 400
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This Blaze Deluxe Kit in the refreshing taste of minty Menthol comes packed with everything you need to get started on the road to Vaping.  

Content of the Blaze Deluxe kit:

·         1- Rechargeable electronic cigarette battery

·         2- Menthol flavored Cartomizers with our High level of nicotine (24mg)

·         1- USB charger that allows you to charge from any USB receptor

When the battery is low, just twist off the Cartomizer and twist the battery into the USB charger that comes in this kit.  When it is recharged, it’s ready to use again.

Reasons to Vape Instead:

There are plenty of reasons why vaping is becoming the method of choice for many conventional cigarette smokers.     

·         Vapor mist is odorless

·         No second-hand smoke

·         No toxins, tar and carbon monoxide are released into lungs and air

·         No stinky smell lingering on clothes, furnishings and hands

·         No burn holes in clothes

About Vaping 

Vaping is smoking without fire, ash or tar gumming up the works. The difference is that when you vape you take a puff here and there and put the eCig down. Because it has no fire involved to activate it, the vapor mist does not escape.

Info The blaze™ Deluxe Kit contains 1 rechargeable electronic cigarette (battery and filter), one refill and the blaze™ USB charger. Comes in Premium (24 mg) nicotine.

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