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Welcome to Blaze Electronic Cigarettes
Why eCigs?
  • No ash or smell
  • No tar in your lungs
  • No more burnt clothes, carpets or car seats
  • No obnoxious tobacco smoke, only vapor
  • Use in places where smoking cigarettes isn’t allowed
  • Cheaper than buying cigarettes
  • More socially acceptable than cigarettes and so many flavors to try

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Why Blaze?
Unlike the competition, who put their money towards advertising and brand name awareness, we put our time and money towards product development and quality of parts.
electronic cigarette parts

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Product Reviews
  • steph
    “ I swear by blaze menthol, this is the only electronic cigarette I smoke. best tasking... „    more menthol, no body comes close to it. I quit smoking cigarettes 5 months ago, these were the only onese I could quit with. „
  • Barry
    “ finally the type of deal that ive been waiting on! im a heavy vapor and... „    more enjoy different flavors all the time. This bundle definitely is the best by far. I like to mix my flavors sometime and i need the option to know i can have as much flavors to choose from as i can.  „
  • James Oceans
    “ This gives me the best of both worlds. I like to smoke cigars occasionally and... „    more instead of using the cigar i can just get the same satisfaction with these cartomizers. At first i was a bit hesitant to try them since they are made for the ecigs, but after using them i found them to have the exact flavor and taste as a real cigar.  „
  • Sean Pinchiare
    “  I always smoke when im in the car so this charger really comes in... „    more hand! „
  • Samantha Bullark
    “ For people who love to vape and use different flavors this deal is one of... „    more the best. Since i have a few favorite e-liquid flavors i tend rotate my flavors often and have to always purchase more than acouple at a time. This way i can at least get something for free with my purchases! „
  • Mike
    This case goes well with my fatigue outfits. its actually sturdy too.
  • Errola Thomas
    “ Is your "go green" something you started? well im conscious about the environment and this... „    more is something that i will be using from now on! „
  • Nancy dilorius
    Good job on going green guys!
  • Adam Salter
    “ Good idea of using a USB charger. I can charge my ecig while im at... „    more work with my lap top and not think about looking for an extra wall unit.  „
  • Justin Campbell
    “ So i decided to quit smoking a few weeks ago and my friend was telling... „    more me about this new vapor that you guys have. I got it in the mail and i havent been able to put it down ever since. This thing is really smooth and i like how its a button i can press when im ready to use it. I was surprised that the battery life is pretty long.  „
Go Green Refills - Cuban Cigar
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Fireworks Glasses
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USB Charger
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Carbonfiber Carrying Case
Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.  With the classic black and zigz..
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Buy 4 Liquid refills and get 1 for FREE!
for an unforeseen amount of timejust Tobacco, Menthol will be available. Flavors: Tobacco, M..
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Buy 10 Liquid refills and get 3 for FREE!
for an unforeseen amount of timejust Tobacco, Menthol will be available. Flavors: Tobacco, M..
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Go Green Refills - Vanilla
The taste of sweet Vanilla beans explodes in your mouth when you choose this set of Blaze refills.&n..
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