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BlazeCig Advantages

When you make the decision to try e-cigarettes and related products, you are choosing wisely with Blaze™. Our company desires to enlist you as a loyal customer now and in the future.

We know that you may desire to reduce the amount of nicotine you’re presently obtaining from traditional cigarettes. Or, with the assistance of e-cigarettes, you may desire to quit smoking altogether.  Your objectives are very personal, and we want to help you succeed.

That’s why we take pride in meeting strict standards that should evoke confidence regarding every product we sell. First of all, we invest continually in research and development. Many companies do not. We define quality guidelines that ensure our e-cigarette devices are engineered properly and the e-liquid is of high quality. Our manufacturing process takes place in a pharmaceutical-level laboratory that results in consistently high standards.  

For good corporate citizenship, we also like doing our part to Go Green to protect the environment. Visit our Go Green page to learn more about our unique packaging, which is a paperless product. We fully subscribe to socially-responsible standards of giving back to worthy causes from our profits. That’s why your loyalty in ordering Blaze™ products assists with those causes in a very direct way.

Building Brand Loyalty

Our company desires a long-standing relationship with all of those who put their trust in us. Everything from the quality of ingredients used in our e-liquid to helping you reduce your daily nicotine usage is taken seriously by Blaze™ employees and executives.

The flexibility and variety of our products also makes shopping with us a good experience. Everything we sell appeals to the senses—while these products easily help you cut out the tar, smell, and additives of traditional cigarettes.

We offer items such as refills for our e-cigarette units with three different levels of nicotine, on-the-go disposable e-cigarettes, batteries and battery chargers.  You may select from a variety of Clearomizers and carrying cases as well. Clearomizers can be filled with liquid instead of ordering prefilled cartridges, if you prefer.

Naturally, every consumer has personal goals in utilizing our products. We want you to enjoy the ease of ordering, the quality of everything you purchase, and the life-enhancing experience of reaching your goals to quit traditional cigarettes.

If you simply enjoy tobacco, but you want to go smoke-free by using e-cigarettes, we can help you achieve that goal.  As an added benefit, you will automatically improve many factors regarding your health. Smoke-free living via e-cigarettes offers many benefits for the lungs and heart, for example.

While you make the transition to e-cigarettes through Blaze™, it’s never boring! We take pride in the huge variety of flavors offered to consumers for their vaping experience. The choices are always being updated as we receive feedback from our customers sharing what flavors they want. This ensures that you will always have a wide variety of choices appropriate for you.

Creating a Pleasant Experience

The e-liquid used with the e-cigarette is comprised of nicotine extracted from the Nightshade plant family (also known as Solanaceae), flavorings, and a substance referred to as a diluent. A diluent actually functions in a couple of ways. First, it dilutes the e-cig’s flavors and nicotine to the appropriate strength. Next, it allows creation of the vapor.

The products for the e-liquid mix meet scientific quality assurance, so you can feel confident about using Blaze™ products. When you select an electronic cigarette company to patronize, you want to feel that your choices are personal. Our products are not designed for a one-size-fits-all consumer.

You can select products online or in specific retail stores that work for your lifestyle. We all become accustomed to certain daily rituals, which might include drinking coffee and catching up on the news or reading news online.  We all enjoy the predictability of our rituals—including taking time out to vape e-cigarettes. These rituals become part of our lifestyle.

If you are trying to reduce nicotine intake or quit smoking altogether, you certainly will find great variety in using Blaze™ products. There are a pleasant number of choices on every ordering page to meet or exceed your expectations.

Finally, rest assured that every part engineered in the electronic cigarette unit, for example, is carefully crafted for safety and proper execution. Everything from the aluminum shell to the sponge that holds the liquid is given scientific attention to detail.

In addition to quality and variety of products, we also provide a Rewards system for your patronage to Blaze™.  Contact us with any questions or concerns. We welcome your feedback and ideas for how we can serve you in the future.

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