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The Blaze Exchange Program

Posted by on November 17, 2012 . .

Electronic cigarettes are believed to be a safer alternative to tobacco. Even though their popularity is rising, it is somewhat marred by the fact that some electronic cigarettes devices fall behind in their performance. It is really frustrating for regular users when their electronic cigarette’s battery stops performing or no vapor is produced.

Blaze understands how exasperating it can be when you may have to face such problems. So they’ve launched a great offer which is the Blaze Exchange Program. This offer is awesome for smoking lovers, who do not like their current electronic cigarette brand. Blaze is offering their electronic cigarette kits to all these unsatisfied smokers free of charge.

If you are among these disappointed people, then you should take advantage of this exciting offer, and get your Blaze cigarette today. Blaze is a renowned brand, and people fall in love with it instantly when they take in that first puff. This is because Blaze tastes great. The design and appearance is also strikingly similar to a real cigarette, so you feel like you are holding a real cigarette in your hand.

The process is really simple. Just send in your old electronic cigarette and Blaze will send you back there Deluxe Kit. Blaze Deluxe Kit contains a Lithium ion rechargeable battery, Blaze refills and a USB charger. You have a choice of two flavors: original tobacco and menthol. Both taste great, and are worth a try. The nicotine content is 24 mg. Using a Blaze E-cig is really easy. Inhale like you would on a real cigarette and you will get the same taste without the smell or smoke.

The Deluxe Kit is priced at $29.95, but with this offer, you’ll get it for free. There are no shipping charges as well, but the company will not be responsible for any lost orders. You can also get your orders through UPS within five working days.

You will have to fill a form on their site, which can be accessedhere to take advantage of the Blaze Exchange Program. Bear in mind that you will not be able to avail this offer if you have already bought some of Blaze products.

So if you are a tobacco fan and tired of your old E–cig brand, then contact Blaze right away, and avail their Deluxe Kit for free! You will be delighted with the Blaze Deluxe Kit!

Last update: October 22, 2013
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