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Free Trial Electronic Cigarette Scam

Posted by on March 18, 2013 . .

Most companies offer free samples of their products as a promotional tool, but unfortunately, many of these offers areactually a scam that can cost you hundreds of dollars once the bills come in. Free samples tend to apply only to customers that do not plan to keep the products they have been offered. Those that want to keep using their electronic cigarettes will later be charged for the products they received.

Understanding what fees will be applied to your account and when these bills expect to come will help you avoid being caught off guard when you agree to receive a free sample. It is important to understand what is included in your sample and what you can be charged for later so you can plan your finances accordingly.

The Basic Free Trial Premise

Most free trial offers contain the same basic premise to help draw in customers.

  • Customers are told that they will receive an electronic cigarette, disposable cartridges, a charger and battery at no additional cost.
  • Most companies offer a deadline around 14 days to try out the product without having to pay for their product.
  • If you do not return the product within this deadline you will be charged for your product.

Companies will have different deadlines for their free ecigarette promotions. Some have a few days that they can use the product while others give you as long as a month to try out the product while continuing to maintain the free trial deadlines.

However, those that are planning on returning their product not only must decide to return the product within this deadline, but also need to make sure that the company receives the product within this deadline if they want to avoid an additional charge.

Avoiding the Hidden Fees

While many companies claim they are offering e-cigarettesfor, free many of these offers come with hidden fees that can add up quickly.

  • Customers that decide to keep their product past the free trial deadline will be charged a large fee for all of the products that were sent originally.
  • Those returning the free sample are often charged a restocking fee once the company receives the product.
  • Free samples are often offered in smaller packages than those that are ordered from a standard catalogue.

Before agreeing to take part in a free trial offer, make a point of reading the fine print. Companies must reveal any fees that will be charged to a customer before you agree to receive any products. If a company ask you for your credit card information before they agree to provide you with any free samples, make a point of understanding what this will be used for and when you can expect the first bills to come.

This can help you learn what you need to do in order to avoid any charges that you are not comfortable with. Working with a company that is up front about any information regarding their fees and limitations will help you avoid falling for a free electronic cigarette scam.

Last update: October 22, 2013
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