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Hollywood’s Love Affair with Electronic Cigarettes

Posted by on May 15, 2013 . .

Hollywood has always had a love affair with cigarettes, from James Dean dangling one from his lip against the wall to Humphrey Bogart standing in his iconic trench coat.  And just as Hollywood’s smoking habit bolstered sales of traditional cigarettes in the past, the next big thing in Hollywood is driving up sales once again.

Of course, we’re talking about electronic cigarettes and how Hollywood stars and celebrities have embraced the trend—even if they are a few years behind the rest of us!

Big Names Going Up in E Smoke

The Hollywood craze with e cigs really got its initial notice with Katherine Heigl getting Dave Letterman to give hers a try.  She was known for walking around Tinseltown with an e cig in her hand, but now it was gaining national attention on primetime television.  Since then, we’ve seen stars such as  Catherine Zeta-Jones (whose famous husband, Michael Douglas overcame throat cancer as a result of traditional smoking), Leonardo DiCaprioRobert PattinsonHarrison FordJeremy PivenLindsay LohanParis HiltonNatasha LyonneCharlie Sheen,Kate MossBritney Spears and Trace Cyrus.  All of these celebs—and wanna-bes—have all been spotted out and about with e cigs in tow.

And their popularity is increasing every day.

This is mostly thanks in part to electronic cigarettes being so much more than just a fashion statement.  While they are ulta chic and very fashionable, they also represent a lifestyle choice that many stars are proud to be embracing.  Setting a good example for the public eye is not something that many of us have to worry about on a daily basis, but just in the same way that we have to set good example for our children, stars have to set good examples for their fans.  Okay, maybe not in the sameway.  But still, you get the picture.

Traditional cigarettes are no longer socially acceptable and being spotted with one on the red carpet could be suicide by paparazzi.  The media is always looking for flaws in celebrity’s armor, and smoking is one of the biggest societal flaws there are.  After the demonization campaign on smoking ran by mayors and politicians all over the nation, celebrities almost have little choice but to pick up an e cig if they want their nicotine fix.

The bottom line here is that while celebrities might not have all that much of a choice, the choice that they are making is the right one.  E-cigs carry with them many, many benefits that disassociate them by nature with traditional cigarettes.  Tobacco is a dying breed in the world of Hollywood and as we’ve seen in the past, Hollywood typically predicts the trends.  If you want to stay ahead of the game and be fashionable, you should try switching to e cigs.  Of course, if you just want to be smart about your money and the way you live your life, that’s more than enough reason to switch over to electronic cigarettes.

Last update: October 22, 2013
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