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Why Traditional Cigarettes Add More Stress to Your Life

Posted by on January 30, 2014 . .

An ongoing struggle to stop smoking can intensify anyone’s stress. All sorts of emotions ranging from guilty to anger can affect you. If you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes, you know the power that tobacco has over you. 

It’s difficult to concentrate on work issues, personal goals, and meaningful activities if you’re constantly at the mercy of your cravings. Criticism coming from your doctor, family members, and co-workers can add to your stress as well.

Some of the issues associated with smoking tobacco include:

  • Higher cleaning bills. If you smoke, you know that smoke clings to curtains, window panes, coats, and sofas. Whether you’re putting your dress clothes into the dry cleaners or renting a carpet cleaner for your den, you know that smoking means spending extra money to clean.
  • Increased tension with your doctor. If you have health issues, such as lung problems or high blood pressure, your doctor is likely telling you to stop smoking.
  • Pressure from your children. Even if your child is six years old, it’s likely he or she is upset by your smoking. Commercials and conversation pervade our society on the dangers of cigarette smoke. If you smoke, you’re sending strong signals to your child that you cannot or will not stop.
  • Worry about chemicals. The pesticides and other toxic chemicals in cigarettes are not listed on the package. Having to wonder about the chemicals ingested from cigarette smoke leaves a lot of room for concern.
  • Career and job issues. If you’re a nurse supervisor, for example, who is getting promoted to an administrator’s role, your new office might be located on the eighth floor of the hospital. You won’t be able to sneak outside every 90 minutes to smoke. If you’re a truck driver who is forbidden to smoke on local deliveries, your boss is going to know rather quickly if you take too many breaks.  

Finding a new way to quit traditional cigarettes can restore a lot of healthy focus into your daily life. Electronic cigarettes might be the answer.  When you take time to actually think about the time, energy, and money traditional cigarettes take from you, you’ll be more motivated to try e-cigarettes.

Consider this scenario: because smoking is banned in many places, you have to constantly think about where to light up. You know how this goes. Isn’t your mind always jumping ahead to plan where to smoke?

If you’re a business person who travels, for example, you have to consider the time span required to actually smoke a cigarette. Finding both the actual place to smoke and carving out the time to smoke is often difficult.

 Planning your smoking around flight times, for instance, and making sure you don’t smell like tobacco when you meet clients are just two issues to contend with. When you’re trying to land that sale or engage with a new business partner, this is stress you don’t need.  

Switching to a high-quality e-cigarette will likely make your stress levels go down, because you can utilize an e-cig in many places where traditional cigarettes are banned. As a business person, you can use them in a restaurant, in rest rooms, and in taxis because the vapor is not going into the atmosphere.   

Electronic cigarettes can help you break the cycle of craving traditional cigarettes. Utilizing e-cigarettes properly can break the addiction of smoking because you can enjoy various flavors and the nicotine without lighting up. Futhermore, you have the option to control the nicotine levels if you want to reduce nicotine to zero.

If you decide to purchase e-cigarettes and the e-liquids to support your new change, be sure to buy high-quality products only. There are plenty of sub-par products on the market that will not fully support your new plan to live healthier. Do your research to ensure your products are sustained by pharmaceutical-grade laboratories that take pride in manufacturing dependable products.

Traditional cigarettes can be harder to kick than a drug habit, according to experts on addictions. If you’ve tried and failed to quit smoking many times, you know the emotions connected to this. It’s very frustrating for any habit to have this kind of hold on you. The guilt you feel in not being able to quit is a major emotional factor as well. You can begin to feel less self-esteem as you hold onto smoking traditional cigarettes.  

We live in a world where smoking tobacco can be a huge inconvenience.  For example, you can’t enjoy smoking in many restaurants and on buses or trains anymore. Government buildings, businesses, and other places ban smoking for provable reasons that traditional cigarettes are harmful to smokers and those around them.

If you haven’t considered using electronic cigarettes, you should rethink this option.  At least give e-cigs a try and figure out the benefits. E-cigs can restore personal control to almost any smoker.  Giving up inhaling smoke into the lungs is a major factor to consider—even if you use e-cigs for this reason alone. Some doctors’ organizations endorse e-cigarettes mainly because they keep harmful tobacco products out of the lungs.  

Putting Up a Strong Fight

While smokers know the complaints coming from co-workers, family members and strangers is justified, most cannot gain the upper hand on traditional cigarettes. When they manage to quit or cut back on smoking cigarettes, a stressful day can tempt them to start smoking again.

In smoking cessation classes, instructors often hear participants lament the power smoking has over them. Feelings of guilt and shame do play into the picture. None of us likes to envision ourselves as undisciplined—being powerless over a habit of any kind.

Some experts go so far as to say that it’s easier to quit heroin than to quit traditional cigarettes! Finding personal control over such a tempting ritual is going to take some careful thought. That’s why e-cigs can help. Once you fully understand the attraction of smoking cigarettes in the first place, the more empowered you will be to give them up for good.  The attraction is actually the ritual of smoking more than the tobacco alone.

Looking at Reality

Any smoker is probably not as addicted to nicotine as he believes. Smokers are attracted to the familiar ritual of smoking—including the holding of the cigarette and familiar smell of tobacco. Consider this fact:  Nicotine pills don’t bring a high price when sold independently. If nicotine was such an attractive drug, nicotine pills would be bringing an astounding price on the open market.  We know, of course, that they do not.

The attraction of smoking traditional cigarettes involves the whole ritual: the place you smoke, the smell of the tobacco, the time break from work, and the snack or drink you enjoy with a cigarette, for example. Changing some or all of this can help you give up the desire to smoke traditional cigarettes.

A woman, we’ll call Suzy, shares a house in Florida with her sister Anne. Suzy used to smoke, but Anne never has. Three months ago, Suzy switched to electronic cigarettes because Anne cannot tolerate smoke in the house.

“I withdrew from traditional cigarettes in steps and stages,” says Suzy. “Now, I use e-cigarettes all day, but I do have a single traditional cigarette every night. When I get home from work, I smoke just one cigarette outside the house. I was a three-pack-a-day smoker, so this is great progress for me.”

A physician in East Tennessee says that smoking traditional cigarettes recently caused him a huge amount of embarrassment. He’s now using e-cigarettes to gain control of his life and self-respect. We’ll call this physician Allan.

“Our hospital absolutely forbids smoking inside the building, but I was stressed around midnight one night, and I decided to break the rules,” says Allen. “I sneaked into a fourth-floor bathroom and lit up some distance from the bathroom smoke detector. I took several puffs, thinking I’d fooled everybody, but guess what? I set off the alarm, and two fire trucks from down the block showed up!”

Allan is now trying e-cigs in hopes of eventually quitting altogether. He’s tired of the command that smoking has held over him.

“I’ve never bothered to tell my patients to quit,” says Allan. “I always worried they’d see me somewhere puffing away. That would make me look hypocritical and weak.  But now, I’m beginning to share information about e-cigarettes with my patients. I just explain to them that this new method seems to be working for me.”






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