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Choosing The Right Product

Choosing an Electronic Cigarette Kit

Want to get on vaping with a standard size eCig and stay within your budget?
Looking for an affordable gift for that special someone?

The Deluxe kit has all that is needed to get you started.
The blaze™ Deluxe kit comes with one standard size rechargeable battery, a USB charger and 2 Cartomizers with 2.4% nicotine and your choice of Menthol or Original flavor.

Want to have a backup eCig, just in case?

The blaze Disposable eCig comes sealed and ready to use when opened. Throw a couple in your glove-box or desk drawer, for those annoying moments when your daily vape is out of juice or battery.

Advanced Vaper? Prefer to use eLiquid?

Our eGo Express Kit is the most affordable, premium quality, eGo style eCig out there!
Comes with just what you need to get started. One powerful 650mAh manual battery, one amazing CE5 bottom dual coil (BDC) Clearomizer and a USB charger.

Heavy smoker/Vaper? Like to change flavors mid-day?

The blaze™ eGo Plus Kit comes with two premium 650mAh batteries, 2 BDC Clearomizers, AC-outlet USB adaptor, USB charger and a carrying case to fit it all in!
Now go ahead and try to find a better deal than this.

Choosing Between ECigarette Refill Types

Simply, the easiest setup.

The blaze™ Cartomizers come prefilled with your choice of Menthol or Original flavor and three options of strength including “Nicotine Free”.
Sealed and ready to use, just unwrap one, screw it on your standard blaze eCig battery and you are good to go!
One Cartomizer outputs up to 350 puffs and there are 5 Cartomizers in each pack.

Have the sweet tooth and/or looking to save a dollar while helping the environment?

Our Go-Green Cartomizers come in a variety of 12 flavors in all available strengths.
We got rid of the cardboard pack in order to keep the price lower, for both you and our planet Earth!
Help us keep the environment cleaner while saving a buck and enjoying our award winning flavors.

Using an eLiquid compatible eCig? Want even more flavors?

With our HUGE e-Juice variety of over 40 mouthwatering flavors and strength options, you just can’t go wrong!
Each bottle of eLiquid has the capacity of 15ml and will fill-up your BDC Clearomizer about 10 times.

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