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Electronic Cigarette Advantages

It’s time for all people who smoke traditional cigarettes to consider the unique advantages of electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes offer positive solutions in terms of specific health benefits, environmental friendliness, and less cost than smoking tobacco.

People who love to smoke are seeking more information about the new trend of electronic cigarettes. Why? In using e-cigarettes, no one has to give up the pleasurable sensation of smoking, even in smoke-free environments. E-cigarettes can be freely used in lounge areas or while sitting directly next to another person with no impact on him or her.  

It’s possible to use e-cigarettes in almost every type of work environment, too.  For example, if your place of employment forbids smoking, it’s likely that e-cigarettes can be used on the premises—instead of having to go outside or to your car.

How E-Cigs Function

As traditional smokers lose the freedom to smoke in our society, they are turning to electronic cigarettes as their best alternative. E-cigarettes produce a vapor vs. smoke, so they can be used in office settings, restaurants, and hospitals. Even hospital patients who smoke can utilize e-cigarettes within the hospital.

Here’s a quick overview of how e-cigarettes work:

An electronic cigarette has a heating element, called an atomizer, to transform a liquid mixture into vapor. The unit has a battery to enable this.

The e-liquid used with the e-cigarette is comprised of nicotine extracted from the Nightshade plant family (also known as Solanaceae), flavorings, and a substance known as a diluent. A diluent acts in two ways: It will automatically dilute the nicotine and flavors to the correct strength, and it creates the vapor.

An added benefit of electronic cigarettes is that anyone can use them as a strategy to reduce nicotine or give up traditional cigarettes entirely. Because you can decide how you want to mix the e-liquid for the unit, you can reduce the nicotine over time and step up the flavorings.  For example, some users like a coffee flavor. However, check out our huge variety of flavors that include: melon, pineapple, strawberry, and more. You can enjoy the flavorings you like most while nicotine is slowly reduced.   

How You Gain Control

It’s simple to purchase a Cartomizer / cartridge that is prefilled with a flavor you want to try.  The atomizer within the unit turns the e-liquid into vapor that delivers a great taste. This makes it easier to give up traditional cigarettes, because you can enjoy the flavors and nicotine level you’ve selected with no smoke involved.

Traditional cigarettes contain additives, pesticides, and chemicals that aren’t revealed to consumers. E-cigarettes incorporate more pure ingredients that make them much safer. In fact, doctors’ organizations and health groups are forthrightly endorsing their use as a suitable alternative to tobacco.  

In using e-cigarettes, you don’t have to give up the ritual of relaxing and enjoying the flavors and nicotine levels you really like. However, a great benefit of deciding to use e-cigs is that you will likely feel better physically within a few weeks. You will only be ingesting nicotine vs. various additives of traditional cigarettes, so you may notice better energy, breathing and overall wellness. This may lead to your decision to use them permanently.  

It’s quite simple to switch to e-cigarettes in order to break the tobacco addiction altogether. While you can enjoy the feeling that you are relaxing with a traditional cigarette, you can also choose to slowly dial back the amount of nicotine. This kind of control ensures you can withdraw from nicotine in steps and stages, if that’s your goal.  

Why Health Factors In

From a health standpoint, it’s simply not worth it to light up traditional cigarettes anymore. We all know that smoking tobacco correlates to lung issues, heart disease, and allergies. The additives in smoking tobacco also increase the addictive properties of traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are definitely the wave of the future, due to ever-increasing wellness awareness in our society. E-cigarettes create a very positive solution for those with young children in the home, for example. They can be safely used around family members with allergies or asthma.

According to Dr. Brad Rodu, the head of the Tobacco Harm Reduction effort at the University of Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Centre, the benefits of electronic cigarettes are clear.

The American Association of Public Health Physicians has taken a stand in favor of electronic cigarettes as well. Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health, reports positive comments of the AAPHP on his blog.

In making your own decision, consider that electronic cigarettes do resolve some very specific issues. When it comes to dating, for example, you may want to consider the benefits of e-cigarettes. There’s no need to allow smoking tobacco to affect friendships or dating relationships anymore. You now have a very practical solution for moving away from traditional cigarettes.  

The vapor of the e-cigarette and the ritual of relaxing with an e-cigarette will satisfy each individual without affecting anyone else. This is good news for those who like to enjoy certain flavors, and they don’t plan to give it up.

Understanding the Products

Every individual will prefer to order products that seem personal. Blaze™ products provide a host of choices in terms of e-liquid flavors and e-cigarette kits.  Refills, accessories, and kits are available to accommodate your budget, lifestyle and personality.  

When you purchase our products, you can select from a variety of colored batteries, carrying cases, and Clearomizers. Clearomizers are liquid tanks you can purchase instead of buying a prefilled tank.  You can add the liquids yourself.

By visiting our website, you can familiarize yourself with our Cartomizers / cartridges that allow you to purchase and utilize the liquids as you like. It’s easy to educate yourself about the component parts of e-cigs and the products. The cartridges have a plastic mouth piece that will allow you to inhale vapor made when the battery heats the e-liquid via an atomizer. The e-cig’s battery powers the atomizer to produce the heat.    

Cartomizers are engineered to have a cartridge and an atomizer in the same unit. This means you can have a fresh atomizer each time. This way, you can use a different cartridge with a different flavor with no taste mixture. You may prefer one flavor at noon and another before dinner, for example. A fresh atomizer will allow this quite easily.  

It’s important to sustain a routine of ordering and utilizing e-cigarettes to see what works. Find out what appeals to you individually.

Going smoke-free is a good step for your health and wellness program, so consistently make the e-cig experience something you look forward to. This way, you’ll stick with it.

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