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Go Green

Flavored Cartomizer Refills

Blaze™ is dedicated to providing the most cost-effective, efficient, and enjoyable products to our loyal customers. Blaze™ is proud to announce that we have taken additional steps to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly. Blaze™ is aware of current environmental conditions, and we are persistently committed to playing a role in the solution. As Blaze™ goes green, we invite you to join us.


The Problem

1.    Manufacturing a single ton of paper requires the destruction of 17 trees, the use of 7, 000 gallons of water and involvement of more energy per ton than glass or steel.

2.    During the production of cardboard, sulfur dioxide emissions are generated which later dissolve in water vapor, which has been proven to be harmful to both the environment and people.

3.    Every day, the average American business generates enough paper to circle the Earth 20 times.

4.    Every year, each American household receives an average of 1.5 tree’s growth of bulk mail advertising—commonly known as “junk mail.”

5.    Cardboard that is incinerated releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants that are environmentally harmful. These greenhouse gases can contribute to climate change, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

6.    Billions upon billions of pieces of litter accumulate on American highways annually. A large percent of the litter that accumulates includes paper and cardboard products, cigarette butts, and aluminum.


Why choose Blaze™

saving trees

Cutting Cardboard - Ending our long-term relationship with cardboard was not easy, but we found something better. When you take advantage of Blaze™ Go Green, you are helping us protect the environment. Instead of receiving a bulky brown box, you will be welcomed by a small, compact, paperless package that safely stores any of the new delectable Blaze™ Go Green Refills.

Cutting Costs - Cutting back on cardboard saved us some money. Blaze™ acknowledges the importance of devoted customers, so we thought we would save you some money, too. When you take advantage of Blaze™ Go Green, not only are you helping promote the Blaze™ Solution, you are also saving a dollar on all refill flavors. Blaze™ believes that friends like you deserve the best quality product for your hard earned money.

variety of flavors

An Abundance of Flavor - Blaze™ Go Green is proud to offer a variety of fresh new flavor refills to express just how excited we are about taking steps towards environmental friendliness. Our savory new flavors include: Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Cuban Cigar, Strawberry, and Vanilla. There are 5 refills found in every Blaze™ Go Green pack, and packs may be selected based on level of nicotine ranging from high, medium, low, and none.

Getting Greener - Our involvement does not stop here. Blaze™ is devoted to creating a better world. As you are reading, the Blaze™ team is working tirelessly to develop more ways to potentially help the environment and provide the best possible service to customers. We look forward to generating more programs that will help our loyal customers and our planet.


Go Green!


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